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We Work Hard To Provide You With The Best Quality Coins Artefacts & Antiques

Our company is based in Aberdeenshire Scotland, a beautiful part of the country with a magnificent Ancient and Medieval history.   

Out dedicated team is available Monday to Friday for all of your coin, artefact, antique and cleaning needs. 

Many of us hear or read interesting historical facts of  battles and events that end and start new epochs throughout time and many architectural and cultural wonders have been created and left throughout the centuries for us to ponder, love and learn about. Many great civilisations, emperors and kings have ruled with everyone of them creating  something material or cultural which is with us to this very day.

Some Ancient coins and artefacts are living testament to these historical events with battles, loved ones, emperors and kings depicted on many ancient items and coins, some of them represent cultural roots of nations, many represent the beauty of art through centuries of human development and cultural mixing. In the past the collecting of these coins and artefacts was a privilege of Emperors ,Kings and other rich citizens of society. 

Today many of us are passionate collectors of Ancient, Medieval and modern coins & antiquities. Collecting them we hold history and shared culture in our hands, We are not just collectors, we are history keepers and teachers.  

Our company was created with much enthusiasm and just one goal,  to bring history and culture alive for the masses and to teach and to inspire. 

We really hope you enjoy our products and the snippets of world history we will be sharing on our website, Facebook page and Facebook group.  


Gladius Coins & Antiquities Ltd  


Mr.Misko Miletic 

Ancient coins & Antiquities Director  

Numismatist and conservator 

Email: Misko@gladiuscoins.com 

 Mobile: +3810648114357 

Mr.Scott Abel 

Ancient/medieval Artefact & medieval coin Director 

Numismatist and conservator 

Email: Scott@gladiuscoins.com 

Mobile : +447538556029